Underwear wearing skills and emergency measures 2022-06-29

1. Do you have the right bra?

Placing your hands under your straps, just enough space for one or two fingers, indicates that the straps fit.

Turn your hand into a fist and tuck it between your back and bra. If it fits, it's time to adjust the breeching. If it doesn't, it's time to get a new bra. If you can fit exactly two fingers, the bra is fit

2. How to do if the rim is turned out?

First of all, we should prepare a piece of soft and tough material that is not easy to be punctured, and then put the appropriate size of the cloth on the steel ring and sew it together with the underwear.

In fact, undergarments with undergird wear for a long time will mostly face undergird turned out and stabbed to the chest situation, and then try to solve it after turning out, it is better to wear more comfortable, peace of mind without undergird underwear, both gathering effect and no risk of thorns.

3. Where do I put the bra straps when I wear a one-line dress?

A bra with a straight shoulder looks great, but a bra with a shoulder strap is awkward, and a transparent strap is still obvious, so it doesn't feel safe to remove it.

So, take off the shoulder strap on one side, take off the head in front of the shoulder strap on the other side, wrap it around the chest and hang it behind the buckle on the other side.

4. How to hide bra straps when wearing sleeveless vest?

Summer is wearing a beautiful sleeveless vest, bra straps are an eyesore, just tucked in, not a moment later out again.

All you need is a paper clip, attach it to one shoulder strap, pull both straps together and attach them to the paper clip. The bra straps are hidden.

5, how to do shoulder belt cut meat?

Some bras are nice to look at, but shoulder straps are also prone to puncture marks. Bright red makes people daydream and makes the shoulders feel uncomfortable. Take a piece of band-aid and stick the sticky side under the shoulder strap. This will help you avoid cutting the shoulder strap.

Good, no matter be big bosom girl or small bosom sister, wear good underwear actually, wear pair of underwear, can show own glamour as well!

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