Suitable for lactation wear underwear need to pay attention to what problems? 2022-06-29

Affirm that moms-to-be need to provide food for their children while breastfeeding, so choosing a good underwear is not only for the health of their children, but also for the health of their breasts. Next by xiaobian for newborn expectant mothers to choose underwear to give some advice.

1, when choosing underwear, choose underwear with the right size of the chest, but also choose full cup underwear, that can give strong support to the breast, avoid breast sagging during breastfeeding.

2, to choose cotton knitted underwear, do not choose fabrics too hard underwear, that will not let the breast stimulation, and for the health of the baby and your breast health, do not choose dyed underwear.

3, do not choose underwear with tight shoulder straps and small shoulder straps, so that the expectant mothers' shoulders will be painful. So choose bras with shoulder width, and when choosing bras, the straps should be vertical up and down. That way, buxom expectant mothers don't feel breast pain.

It is recommended that expectant mothers choose nursing underwear, you can choose the nursing sling shirt, it has the function of breastfeeding, while the cup inside and outside the double design. And it is the current fashion element. You can also buy the front button of nursing underwear, it will be better to feed the baby, but also will not cause certain trouble for the wear and take off of underwear, the front button underwear is not only convenient and clean and simple.

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